This section of the spreadsheet is divided into 3 main areas:



This is where you track the value of your portfolio.

To start, insert the amount of shares you own for each asset. As you do, everything is automatically✨ calculated:



There are two types of rebalance: buy & sell, and buy-only. For each, the amount of shares and the value in USD are calculated automatically✨

Buy & sell

Calculates how much you have to buy or sell each asset, to get back to the target weights (resulting in a net zero increase to your portfolio value)


Looks at your most overweight asset (by %), and calculates how much you have to add to each asset to get back to the target weights. No selling occurs.



This automatically✨ breaks down a new deposit, and shows you how many shares (or $ amount) you should purchase for each of the assets in your portfolio, based on the target weights you set.

It is quite useful, especially if you do Dollar Cost Averaging (which you probably should).

Simply enter the amount you're depositing under the ‘Deposit’ title, and everything else will be automatically✨ calculated.


Additional features

Disabling assets

Using the leftmost column, you can enable or disable each asset.

This feature exists in case, for example, your broker doesn't offer you some of the assets, but you still want to track someone's portfolio without having to adjust the weight.

Being from Europe, my broker doesn't offer me many ETFs, so I can simply disable them, and the target values are all recalculated automatically✨


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