The watchlist is the database of assets you want to have an overview of.

Anything in your portfolio should be added here first.


Adding to watchlist

Adding a new asset is simple:

A message should appear on the right side indicating that the asset was added successfully.


<aside> 💡 Note: If the asset is already in the watchlist, it will not be added again. Instead you will see a message.

ex: ⚠️ AAPL already in watchlist


Information at a glace

After adding, additional information is automatically✨ listed for each asset:


<aside> 💡 Note: The same stock can be listed on different exchanges with different currencies.


Conditional formatting

The following columns use conditional formatting so that it is easier to interpret the values just my looking at them:

For % above from 52-week low, the color gets deeper if the current price is closer to the 52w low.

For % below from 52-week high, the color gets deeper if the current price is further from the 52w high.


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